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Prompt: The phone rings and rings and rings in the middle of the night. It keeps ringing after the machine picks up. Finally you answer it—groggy, irritated, and befuddled. It’s the call we all dread and yet know will come more than once in our lives …

The narrator’s (closest friend, lover, parent, brother, sister, you decide who to kill…) was in an accident, is at the hospital, and will not last until morning. He or she dresses furiously, jumps in his or her car, get to the hospital, cursing at the slowness of traffic, and the stupidity of parking attendants, and arrive at the person’s bedside. What happens next? Describe the scene, be detailed.

The person has to die and the narrator has to be a witness. There can be no miracles. First or third person.

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Title: 12 Years Ago Today
Author: g0shawk
Rating: Pg13/R for non-graphic violence and adult themes. I dunno, I'm really bad at choosing ratings.
Summary: A short story on the life of a boy who loves animals.
Author's notes: A rather depressing story if I do say so myself. Not really sure why I wrote it, but I think it turned out pretty well. I thought about ending it after the first part, but the rest kept bothering me, so I'm posting the whole thing. Read at your own risk :P Please let me know of any opinions you have. Feedback is appreciated!

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