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I made a video! First one ever! It's for a class, but whatevs, it was fun! :D Would really really appreciate comments b/c I'm kind of freaking out wondering if anyone is going to get it/like it.

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Prompt: The phone rings and rings and rings in the middle of the night. It keeps ringing after the machine picks up. Finally you answer it—groggy, irritated, and befuddled. It’s the call we all dread and yet know will come more than once in our lives …

The narrator’s (closest friend, lover, parent, brother, sister, you decide who to kill…) was in an accident, is at the hospital, and will not last until morning. He or she dresses furiously, jumps in his or her car, get to the hospital, cursing at the slowness of traffic, and the stupidity of parking attendants, and arrive at the person’s bedside. What happens next? Describe the scene, be detailed.

The person has to die and the narrator has to be a witness. There can be no miracles. First or third person.

Mine: here )

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I don't know if you've heard of Goodsearch.com, but it's really really cool. You just enter a charity you want to help, and then every time you search, about 1 cent is given to that charity. I made mine to Students Helping Honduras, and it would be great if y'all would too. It's a great cause; basically there is an orphanage called Copprome in Honduras, and the girls there don't have much of a chance at a future after high school, and only one girl has managed to go to college in the entire time the orphanage has been there (I met her in my Spanish class a few days ago). Find out more at studentshelpinghonduras.org and/or the group on facebook.

A girl in my women's studies class had a very interesting/scary presentation today on Rape on College Campuses, and I thought I'd share a few things I learned.

-women ages 16-24 experience rape at rates 4 times higher than the assault rate of all women
-college women are more at risk than women of the same age who aren't in college
-almost 25% of college women have been victims of rape or attempted rape since age 14
-1 in 12 men say they forced a woman to have sexual intercourse with them against her will
-In an estimated 70-80 % of rapes the attacker was someone the victim knew
-fraternities and bars can be very dangerous: often there are no non-alcoholic drinks (other than water, maybe) available, there is very loud music (so meaningful conversation is impossible), men make derogatory remarks at women, there is an unequal distribution of the sexes, interactions are naturally flirtatious, bars allow underage students
-90 % of all reported campus rapes occur when alcohol is being used by either the assailant or the victim
-Media is a big part of rape culture: magazines, ads, tv, movies, internet ads, etc. can be very dehumanizing and sexually exploitative to women
-Women are objectified when only parts of their bodies are shown (i.e. long legs, nape of neck, etc.)

Dang, I'm scared to walk around now. What's wrong with this world? Anyway, spread the word - it's better to know than to be ignorant.


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