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Meh, I'm bored. I wrote these over the summer, but never got around to posting them. They're music drabbles - you have the length of the song to write the fic. Oh, and there's no slash since I was writing with my sister. Let me know if you like them! :)




Dec. 14th, 2008 04:37 pm
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Some of the drawings I've done in the last few months. :)  Sorry for the bad scans.

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Jul. 21st, 2008 02:07 am
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These are the drawings I've done in the last few months--wanted to get them all posted before I leave for vacation. They're in the order I drew them, so some of the best ones are at the bottom. I did one of Sydney Bristow/Jennifer Garner that I'm especially proud of, so I'd love for y'all to take a look. Concrit totally welcome.

Hayden Panettiere:
It's okay. The right side of her face (not the right side of the pic) looks more like her than the left side.

Lassy from Psych:
A little weird looking, but I can tell it's him.



Jun. 17th, 2008 11:08 pm
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As requested in this entry. (Sorry, it's friends-locked).

And apparently I stink at drabbles. All of these were over 100 words! *ashamed* It's haaaard to make them so small! Plus, I usually write dialogue, and that makes them longer. Hmmph. Hey, let me know if any of these are good enough to be posted elsewhere (LJ comms or FFnet). Oh and did I get the characterizations and whatnot down okay? I can't for the life of me judge my own writing. :P

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We have a temporary wall/fence on part of my campus because of construction, and there's graffiti and announcements for events, etc. all over it. I saw this and just had to take a picture coz it made me laugh. :)

Onward to the poems:


The color yellow
Bright like the sun; a flower
Gentle, light, mellow.



Try to cry
Feel I should
As time goes by
I think I could.

(this one was after watching the Torchwood series 2 finale btw)

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Don't think I should
Got lots to do
But it's so good
I'm stuck like glue
'Tis Torchwood
I'm addicted to.

I seriously love this show now. Love, love, love :)

If anyone wants to request a poem on a certain something, ask away! I still have 27 to go.



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