Jan. 17th, 2008 08:21 pm
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It snowed today!!! XD Here are some pics I took:

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*SQUEE!* So I slept in until 11:30 this morning because my geology lab was canceled, and when I woke up it was SNOWING!!! YAYYY!!! XD I LOVE SNOW!!! (but you probably figured that out already). My first snow at college! I hope we get a lot so that I can take some pictures! :) Hmmm, I should write a poem to celebrate...

It's Snowing!

Twinkle twinkle flakes of snow,
How I love to watch you go.
Side to side, left and right,
White and sparkling oh so bright.
Giving me joy, you do your part,
It may be cold, but you warm my heart.
Why should I be sad or stressed?
When I see you I feel my best!
Bits of fluff that make me squee,
Please don't go, stay here with me.
Snow is such a wondrous thing,
Makes me want to dance and sing.
Looking through my window now,
I can't help gasping out "oh wow."
Summer, Fall, and even Spring,
Wonders have they all to bring.
But I think Winter's got them beat,
Bringing treasures in a sheet.
Little children run and play,
When the snow comes, every day.
I have a secret, truth to tell,
College students do as well.
Here now ends my happy ode,
I think that soon I may explode.
Time for me to go outside,
Sitting here I can’t abide.
Checking over what I wrote,
I’m putting on my heavy coat.
Don’t have class till two o’clock,
So until then, the door I'll lock.
Off I go, my merry way,
Hope you have a lovely day!



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