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2013-04-10 08:35 pm
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Friends Only

If we have some interests in common and you'd like me to friend you back, please comment. :)
Most artsy stuff will still be public.
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2012-02-16 08:42 pm


This took hours and hours and hours...apologies for the weird hair. :P

Benedict Cumberbatch by ~saltylime on deviantART
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2012-02-02 01:49 pm
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ETA: Edited it in photobucket! Here's the new version! Original is under the cut.

Another #believeinsherlock poster. This one turned out better, I think. Maybe I should have stenciled the letters in, though... Done in sharpie, and edited a bit in iPhoto so it would look more filled in.

Anyway, feel free to download, or use for the movement! :) And I don't mind if you add some of the slogans to it, or erase my signature (I didn't know where to put it). Just don't edit the artwork itself, or claim it as your own, please.

Believe in Sherlock 2 - edited by ~saltylime on deviantART


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2012-01-19 05:51 pm

Sherlock recs <3

I'll update this post as I find more :)


Performance in a Leading Role by MadLori (BEST. FANFIC. EVER. WRITTEN)
Ashes to Ashes by silkmoth101
I Prefer to Text by ellie_hell
Beneath the Pine by 17pansies
Sherlock BBC (?) by pir8fancier
A Slowly Dawning Attraction by mitsuruaki
Fight or Flight by knowmydark
The Real Meaning of Idioms by feverishsea
We Go Anywhere But To The Ground by geordielover
Galapogos by anchors


Anything by livia_carica or marielikestodraw (they're both AMAZING).  Some faves:

Tangled by livia_carica
Safe by livia_carica
Reichenbach by marielikestodraw
And the world stops turning by marielikestodraw

Vids: (major spoilers for series 2)

007 by LightNeverFades
I'm gonna fight 'em off by Lordjabuszko

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2011-06-13 06:39 pm
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ICONS: Mistresses (Jessica & Alex)

Please credit me if you take any. Comments always appreciated :)

And yes, that is Anna Torv. ♥



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2011-06-12 01:37 pm
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2011-06-11 03:02 pm

yum ;)

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2011-06-10 05:48 pm
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2011-03-29 10:41 am

Please vote for me!!!

VOTE HERE: http://artypartypants.livejournal.com/7526.html

SONG: "Out of the Clouds" by NICK GARDNER

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2011-03-16 09:46 pm


THIS IS SO EXCITING!! I never thought I could actually do this, until I had that assignment for visual rhetoric where I made the Glee/Oz vid. I spent like 7 hours straight making this last Friday. Seriously SO MUCH FUN. Anyhoo, hope you like it! :)

Title: I See Girls
Music: "I See Girls" by Studio B
Length: 3:08
Fandoms: Alias, Battlestar Galactica, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Burn Notice, Castle, Charmed, Chuck, Community, Firefly, Legend of the Seeker, Sanctuary, and True Blood

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2011-03-11 11:59 am
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Favorite songs at the moment

Just thought I'd share a few of the songs I've been listening to over and over lately. Figured maybe some of y'all might enjoy them too. :)

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2011-03-03 05:23 pm

Glee meets Oz

I made a video! First one ever! It's for a class, but whatevs, it was fun! :D Would really really appreciate comments b/c I'm kind of freaking out wondering if anyone is going to get it/like it.

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2010-09-15 09:14 pm

friends cut

For some reason, random trolls keep posting on my 'friends only' entry. It just started recently. Very weird.

Also, I've done a small friends cut. No worries, just people I never talk to and people who never post. Still undecided on a few, so I'll probably do another small cut sometime.

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2010-09-06 06:50 pm


Some drawings I've done lately. A few are from like a year ago, but I procrastinated on posting them. Anyhoo, here they all are!

1. Photobucket
David Tennant. Drawn for my sister.


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2010-06-06 01:58 pm
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Petition to ban bullfighting in Catalonia, Spain

Thought some of you might be interested in signing this. I hate bullfighting.

Sign here: http://e-activist.com/ea-campaign/clientcampaign.do?ea.client.id=24&ea.campaign.id=3861

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2009-10-13 12:57 am

FIC: "Five Times Chuck Hugged Casey, and One Time He Didn’t" by g0shawk - PG13 - Chuck/Casey

Title: Five Times Chuck Hugged Casey, and One Time He Didn’t
Author: g0shawk
Fandom: Chuck
Pairing/s: Chuck/Casey, (a little Chuck/Sarah)
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 8,310
Warnings: Spoilers for seasons 1 & 2!
Disclaimers: I don't own Chuck or its characters, etc.
Summary: Like most things that seem like good ideas at the time, it started with a contest.
Notes: I’ve switched around the order of some events, and some things didn’t happen. Should be easy enough to figure out, though. Gets a bit AU at the end, I guess.


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2009-10-06 11:50 pm
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Ode to a mechanical pencil

Mechanical pencil
Plastic pink
I love to use you
When I think

Your rubber grip
Is fun to squeeze
I hold you in my hand
With ease

My mind a blank
I click click click
Then push back in
The silver stick

I’m pretty sure that
I should stop
Making you my

But what else is
A girl to do
I’m out of gum
I need to chew

On something other
Than ideas
And items found in

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2009-09-29 12:08 am

so there

deadlines are a thing that I
would love to just defy
but school has ruined all my fun
my grades I must keep high

if earlier I’d just begun
right now I could be done
but no instead I waste more time
and now I’ve come undone

up the devilish black hands climb
and at the top they chime
alas alas I beg them stop
a moment more be mime

but up the little arrows hop
my pleas a total flop
as if I’d tried to make my case
against a motorcycle cop

the floor rubbed raw from steps I pace
the page an empty space
I may be always running late
my timing a disgrace

but that’s just me, a simple trait
this isn’t a debate
procrastinating queen am I
and that you can’t negate

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2009-09-14 11:26 pm

ICONS: Nurse Jackie, Love and Other Disasters

Please credit if you take. Comments make my day :)

I wish I knew how to make my icons really clear and detailed :/ They always get a bit blurry once I resize them. Is it because I use Photobucket?

[001-008] Love and Other Disasters
[009-048] Nurse Jackie (1x12)


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2009-08-22 02:43 am

Noah's Arc PICSPAM!!!

"What if Sex and the City met Queer as Folk and The L Word--with an all-male, all-black, all-gay cast?
--from Amazon

I don't think anyone on my f'list watches this show, but I figured I'd do this picspam anyway, b/c the guys are seriously gorgeous! :D Enjoy! Oh, and a few photos are probably a teensy bit NSFW. Don't like, don't look.


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