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Mechanical pencil
Plastic pink
I love to use you
When I think

Your rubber grip
Is fun to squeeze
I hold you in my hand
With ease

My mind a blank
I click click click
Then push back in
The silver stick

I’m pretty sure that
I should stop
Making you my

But what else is
A girl to do
I’m out of gum
I need to chew

On something other
Than ideas
And items found in


so there

Sep. 29th, 2009 12:08 am
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deadlines are a thing that I
would love to just defy
but school has ruined all my fun
my grades I must keep high

if earlier I’d just begun
right now I could be done
but no instead I waste more time
and now I’ve come undone

up the devilish black hands climb
and at the top they chime
alas alas I beg them stop
a moment more be mime

but up the little arrows hop
my pleas a total flop
as if I’d tried to make my case
against a motorcycle cop

the floor rubbed raw from steps I pace
the page an empty space
I may be always running late
my timing a disgrace

but that’s just me, a simple trait
this isn’t a debate
procrastinating queen am I
and that you can’t negate



Feb. 8th, 2009 08:01 pm
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It’s looking up at the darkening sky
Burnt neon at the edges;
A glowing crystal moon
And one bright planet
Shimmering in the twilight

The echo of footsteps under a bridge
Avoiding the cars that pass above
Zooming by
Unaware of their surroundings

Trees silhouetted
Black branches straining up
Reaching for something

Like now
There is no finish line
No end
Just the continual journey
Perpetual drive
To go, move, push

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I sort of love how this one turned out....

My poems drive me crazy
They always have to rhyme
I write them when I’m lazy
And when I’ve got no time

Like verses made for children
All singsongy and cute
I keep going even when
They aren’t a bit astute

Why can’t I stop this madness?
This rhyming in my head
“Talent” I cannot suppress
Even when I go to bed



Nov. 19th, 2008 10:23 pm
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Wrote this in my 9 a.m. class today.  I kinda feel like I should've just stopped after the first part, but meh, whatever.

The wind is blowing, cold as ice

A fire glowing would be nice

Oh how I hate this walk to class

As all the students freeze en masse

I wish they would turn on the heat

But I guess that’s too great a feat.

Here I sit all bundled up

Sipping hot chocolate in a cup

Can’t they cancel class for cold?

Skipping is not good, I’m told

Maybe it will start to snow

That makes it worth it, don’t you know?


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A poem I had to write for my Spanish class. Not sure if it's much good - I wrote it the morning it was due, lol.

Cuando estoy escribiendo,
El mundo real puedo abandonar.
Todo que estaba haciendo
Ahora no me frustra,
Y mis problemas

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Sep. 30th, 2008 05:41 pm
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--I've been wanting to try my hand at limericks, so here are my first two.  Apparently limericks are supposed to be funny...don't think I quite accomplished that, and the 2nd one is 3 stresses in the first line only if you pronounce it a certain way...oh well.  They're fun to mess around with.

Limerick #1 - Fred

There once was a poet named Fred
Who liked to hum rhymes in his head
Then one day he found
With a thought most profound
That he was a singer instead

Limerick #2

Of the liberal who for president ran
Johnny was not a big fan
To be gay is a sin
He with uplifted chin
Said, and then fell in love with a man

--This next one (not a limerick) I actually started last semester in my statistics class (though I actually got the idea during riding), and just now got around to finishing it.  It's a little odd, but I like the rhyming.  :)

Tick Tock

Tick tock
Life goes by
Hands on the clock
People run awry

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Jul. 2nd, 2008 12:52 am
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Dang, it's been forever since I wrote some poetry! Tried my hand at a few this week, and I'm forcing myself to post them. Dunno why it always makes me so nervous. Anyhoo, the first one is random, but the others are based off tv shows (I'm trying something new). Just In Plain Sight and Psych. Do y'all think they turned out okay? I like the Psych one the most. Oh and the longer IPS one is spoilery. :P

Ah sweet summer…
The temperature warms
We call the plumber
These daily storms
Are such a bummer
Rain’s a norm
I’m feeling dumber
Miss my dorm
Oh wretched summer.

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Will catch up on comments later, but for now...

HAPPY (belated) EARTH DAY!!!

Random Facts of the Day: Martin Sheen

-birth name: Ramon Antonio Gerard Estevez

-father of Emilio Estevez (the jock in The Breakfast Club)

-Purposely flunked his college entrance exam to the University of Dayton so that he could pursue an acting career instead.

-Was arrested over 70 times mainly for liberal protests.

read more--seriously, this guy is so interesting! )


NaPoWriMo #22

Being stressed
Is like being blessed
With a bath of mud
Or a sudden flash flood
All this work
I’d never shirk
Unless I found something better to do
Like tying my shoe or watching cows chew
Oh how I love school
I think it’s as cool
As a guy in a skirt
Or a nerd who’s a flirt
Well I guess now oh damn
I’d better go cram
Woohoo, how fun...
As soon as I’m done.

(No offense intended, btw; I just wrote what kinda fit and managed to rhyme at the same time. Not necessarily my real views.)

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We have a temporary wall/fence on part of my campus because of construction, and there's graffiti and announcements for events, etc. all over it. I saw this and just had to take a picture coz it made me laugh. :)

Onward to the poems:


The color yellow
Bright like the sun; a flower
Gentle, light, mellow.



Try to cry
Feel I should
As time goes by
I think I could.

(this one was after watching the Torchwood series 2 finale btw)

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I've still been writing poems every day, but been too lazy to post them. These are all haikus.

Which one do you like the most? I think my fav is #13 coz it seems to flow really well.


Went running today
Wasn’t great, but did okay
Hope on track I’ll stay



Jennifer Garner
Oh my gosh, how I love her
Fab actress; charmer



Weekends pass so fast
The hours and minutes just
Never seem to last



Finals coming up
Should be studying but I’m
Watchin’ TV; yup.

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Haha finished this just in time! Woot! (I know it's not posted in time, but that doesn't matter). I actually started a poem earlier, but it started getting pretty long, so I'm gonna finish it for tomorrow. Wrote this real quick so I'd have a whole one today (technically tomorrow now here). I know it's odd, but it was fun to write, lol :P

Random survey,
What do you say?
Today is Tuesday,
What is your way?
Keep at bay.
Time to pray.
Wrong way.
Joke and play.
Whose day?
You or they.
Good day?
Yay or nay.
Today is Tuesday,
Don’t delay.

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I guess it’s time I started addressing,
Why I’ve been doing all this stressing.
Lately everything’s just been depressing,
Mostly my fault I don’t mind confessing.
By now in school I should be progressing,
My true potential I’ve been suppressing.
All over which I’ve been obsessing,
I really ought to be oppressing.
From my schoolwork I’ve been digressing,
I need to begin reassessing.
Attending college is a blessing,
I’m wasting it on things less pressing.

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Don't think I should
Got lots to do
But it's so good
I'm stuck like glue
'Tis Torchwood
I'm addicted to.

I seriously love this show now. Love, love, love :)

If anyone wants to request a poem on a certain something, ask away! I still have 27 to go.

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This is the poem I wrote for my Spanish class. I know it's not great because I did it really really last minute (I was actually like 10 minutes late to class). I did manage to make it rhyme, tho. Yay! That was hard.

Andar en Caballo

Cuando ando en caballo,
Sea como una montaña rusa,
Con una diferencia…
Me gusta andar en caballo.

Es increíble que algo tan simple,
Pueda ser tan divertido.
Y aunque a veces es un poco difícil,
Al mismo tiempo, siempre es agradable.

Imagine volando,
Una sonrisa en la cara,
Y el viento soplando.

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Here it is in English if you're interested. It's not quite the same, tho, since it's translated.

Horseback riding

When I go horseback riding,
It’s like a rollercoaster,
With one difference…
I like horseback riding.

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Apr. 1st, 2008 11:03 pm
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I just found out today that April is National Poetry Month (in the U.S.), and there's such a thing as NaPoWriMo, where you try to write 30 poems (one per day). Sounds like fun (plus it motivates me more), so I'm gonna try it. Here's the first one:

Busy as a bee,
When will I be free?
The finish line I see,
Crossing will bring glee,
But as I’m sure you would agree,
Getting there’s no cup of tea.

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I figured y'all probably wouldn't want to read my 8-page research paper, so here's a poem to summarize it:

A pseudonym is but a name
It may protect, or bring you fame
Used by writers now and then
Any time there’s been a pen
For women, male names are a shield
In a typically male field
Science, meds, and politics
Aren’t considered jobs for chicks
Better than it used to be
But still plenty we don’t see
Publishers thought boys wouldn’t pay
Joanne Rowling became J.K.
Someone may want to seem poor
Or one name can stand for more
George Orwell changed from Eric Blair
Dear Abby’s writers make a pair
Who’d read romance by a man?
Gender swap to keep a fan
And if at first you don’t succeed
A nom de plume is all you need

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*huggles the icon* XD Hem, anyhoo, I wrote a bunch of poems in class today. I tried a few Haikus for the first time, did they turn out all right? Sorry for the length of the post, I just couldn't decide which ones to put behind a cut.


Big brown eyes, wet nose
Joyful bark, playful lick, grin
Soft furry face glows

(This is my doggie - well, family dog - she's a belgian malinois)

Kill the Students Week

Less than a week ‘til Spring Break
I’m broken, lying in a heap
Too many hours spent awake
Really need to get some sleep
Lift a hand and watch it shake
My throat is dry, can’t make a peep
Laughter gone, my smile’s fake
Feeling like I’m going to weep
My GPA is what’s at stake
An A would be too big a leap
Just want to pass, for goodness sake
B or C I’d gladly reap
Procrastination’s my mistake
By Monday I was down too deep
Day after day increased my ache
Away my energy began to creep
For stupidity I take the cake
The toll resulting isn’t cheap
Henceforth an effort I will make
This promise I shall try to keep


It’s freezing outside
I can’t abide
Hate the cold
Your hand I’ll hold
Keep me warm
Ignore the storm
Happy together
Stupid weather


Slash, yaoi, shounen ai
Without them I can’t get by
Fanfic is my high

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Happy Valentine's Day!!! ♥

Oh Valentine
Please be mine!
If you say no
I shan’t be fine
Without you
I will surely pine
I’m begging, true,
But I won’t whine
The choice is yours
Please don’t decline
Say yes
And I’ll be on cloud nine
My heart will skip
My face will shine
All I ask for
Is a sign
Do our feelings
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Worn by teens
Old and new
Shades of blue
Skinny and tight
Looks alright
Hanging loose
Does not seduce
Please don’t share
Your underwear
Dude, really
That’s just silly
To uniforms we say no way
But everyone wears jeans each day
Be yourself, be unique
Wear the same thing every week.


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